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Getting insurance is tough enough. If you know then you’ve been through the process of answering all those questions, waiting for more information from people outside of your control, getting approvals, signing all those forms, and paying the premium. You got the policy and you thought everything would be smooth sailing from then on – not.

You’re ready to move forward with a business opportunity and you would think that having a policy would solve everything – not.

While it’s easy to ask for a Certificates/Proof-of-Insurance, actually getting one can be a great irritation and frustrate you to no end. It sounds all so simple; just merge some policy data onto a form and you’re done – not.

Your customer has their own needs on top of the insurance carrier. Getting everyone to agree is not only time consuming, it stops you from performing work and generating income.

Since GAPro connects insureds with their insurance company, agent and 3rd parties, everyone is on the same page, working with the same information and communicating at internet speeds. GAPro accelerates your Certificate/Proof-of-Insurance needs by delivering standardization, efficiency, and compliance, ensuring transparent results that lead to immediate written contract execution for you.



As GAPro employs policy data from insurance carriers, limits, approved forms and procedures throughout the entire GAPro process, enforcing standards can be a natural byproduct of requesting, follow-up and fulfillment. Standards administration includes usage of policy limits, policy language, forms and unique regulatory and 3rd party requirements. And since GAPro includes all participants, actions and workflow, dashboards reflect current activities while key performance measurements/indicators are captured and reported. All this happens as a natural byproduct, not requiring any additional effort or cost.


Through GAPro, the once inefficiency riddled Certificate/Proof-of-Insurance process will fundamentally be changed and streamlined. By marrying direct policy data access and an GAPro’s insurance enabled cloud platform, all 4 dimensions of the insurance information ecosystem will be empowered to self-serve their Certificate/Proof-of-Insurance needs. As the policy changes, all involved parties will be appropriately notified electronically and appropriate workflows established, monitored and reported.

By instituting insurance based standards and workflow, guesswork and wasteful tasks are eliminated via GAPro’s Straight-Through-Processing Certificate/Proof-of-Insurance capabilities. GAPro will automatically ensure that the right information reaches all required organizations and people. GAPro will “push” information out for follow-up, eliminating inefficient duplication and
wasted effort.


Compliance has emerged as an increasingly costly and critical imperative within the P&C ecosystem, and it seems like it all falls on the agency. Compliance starts with the mind-numbing maze of federal, state and local legislation or regulatory requirements. To this you add line of business and company specific prerequisites. Once you finally fold in 3rd party specific conditions, everyone is confused and frustrated at the complexity and cost to address this legitimate business need. The agent is left alone to fend for themselves to untangle this web without help or guidance.

our agency accesses GAPro through an easy to use, cloud-based system.

GAPro reduces your agency costs and effort by easily verifying coverage through dashboards, automated compliance management and certificate issuance.

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