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As an Insurance Carrier, you rely on a distribution network of agencies and brokers to market, sell and service policies on your behalf. While agents and brokers handle expensive, non-revenue generating Proof-of-Insurance and Compliance Verification requests and production, it has a significant impact on both your top and bottom line;

  • Agency personnel are distracted, spending valuable time addressing Proof-of-Insurance and Compliance Verification as opposed to closing new business
  • Protection against inaccurate Certificate/Proof-of-Insurance data and missed follow-up
  • Conflicts between 3rd party and policy language that create mistrust and errors

While GAPro connects insurance companies, agencies, insureds and 3rd parties, your policies are the foundation for all Certificate/Proof-of-insurance processing. GAPro delivers standardization, efficiency, and compliance to your company, driving greater profitability.



As GAPro deploys policy data from insurance carriers, the GAPro process enforces standards as a natural byproduct, including follow-up and fulfillment. GAPro evaluates limits, approved forms and procedures throughout the entire policy lifecycle, matching to 3rd Party requirements (via the Risk Profile). And since GAPro includes all participants, actions and workflow, dashboards reflect current activities while key performance measurements/indicators are captured and reported. GAPro delivers this and more without additional software, effort or cost.


Through GAPro, the once inefficiency riddled Certificate/Proof-of-Insurance process will fundamentally be changed and streamlined. By marrying direct policy data access and GAPro’s insurance enabled cloud platform, all four dimensions of the insurance information ecosystem will be empowered to self-serve both their Proof-of-Insurance and Compliance Verification needs. As policy data or insurance requirements change, GAPro will automatically compare and alert all involved parties of potential Proof-of-Insurance or Compliance Verification irregularities. GAPro’s automated and digital notification includes workflows that are constantly monitored and reported on.

By instituting insurance based standards and workflow, guesswork and wasteful tasks are eliminated via GAPro’s Straight-Through-Processing Proof-of-Insurance and Compliance Verification capabilities. GAPro will automatically ensure that the right information reaches all required organizations and people. GAPro will “push” information out for follow-up, eliminating inefficient duplication and wasted effort.

GAPro also empowers your insureds and their third parties to directly self-service their more straight forward Proof –of-Insurance and Compliance Verification needs.


Compliance has emerged as an increasingly costly and critical imperative within the P&C ecosystem, and it seems like it all falls on your distribution channel, brokers and agents. Compliance starts with the mind-numbing maze of federal, state and local legislation or regulatory requirements. To this you add line of business and company specific prerequisites. Once you finally fold in third party specific conditions, everyone is confused and frustrated at the complexity and cost to address this legitimate business need. Agent/Brokers are left alone to fend for themselves to untangle this web without help or guidance.

Your Agents/Brokers accesses GAPro through an easy to use, cloud-based system as the single source for all Proof-of-Insurance and Compliance Verification needs related to your policies.

GAPro reduces your Agent/Broker costs and effort by easily verifying coverage through dashboards, automated compliance management and, when needed, certificate issuance.

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